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STANDARD Course Schedule Instructor's Hours AHA Standard Training Hours (not a guarantee or a guarantee of completion or success) Total $150.00 Less Than or Equal to $50.00 $20.00 $200.00 - $300.00 $30.00 SECTION 30. PROOF OF ATTENDANCE. In order to gain access to an HVAC technician training center, students must submit with their application an original document, a copy of their current student ID, an electronic copy of their application and their current school transcript, indicating whether or not in the last six months, students attended the training center in person. Students are expected to provide their school transcript no later than six months before the start of their training center course. Note: Students must apply online using the website of the HVAC technician training program in order to be considered for training. SECTION 31. APPLICATION OF RULES AND REGULATIONS. All HVAC technicians shall comply with all applicable rules and regulations governing all aspects of the HVAC installer business. SECTION 32. NO REFUNDS. No refunds or credits will be permitted given for students. SECTION 33. INTERFERENCE. Interference by a student (such as from an assistant or teacher) in another student's learning (or work in the HVAC installer program) or work related to the training program may result in a violation of this rule and will result in a refund or credit. SECTION 34. REQUIRED INFORMATION. (a) In all requests for training centers, applicants will provide the following information at the time of application: (i) Names, titles, and educational degrees of: (A) each individual to be hired; (B) each instructor (including instructor numbers); (C) each training center to be used; (D) each training center instructor; (E) each representative of the state or municipality or any other government agency or representative; (F) each representative of a contractor, subcontractor, or design professional. (ii) A brief description of how each training center will be used and the training program that will be provided to these individuals and students; (iii) A brief description of the training to be provided to this individual and all other individuals and students at this training center; (iv) The name of the employer; (v) A
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